The School

La Escuela de Surf Sunset is located beachfront in Playa de Somo, Cantabria Spain. Playa de Somo is the first ever declared “Surf Reserve” in Spain and is also one of the first beaches to ever be surfed in the Cantabrian region. It’s proximity to the capital, Santander, and it’s ideal conditions for beginners and advanced surfers alike, have made it a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels.


Why Somo?

somo-2As previously mentioned, Playa de Somo is great for both beginners and advanced surfers. This unique attribute is due the beach’s ideal location. Extending for almost four kilometers, the eastern half is more exposed to the open sea, allowing bigger waves to break on the sandbars. Meanwhile, the western half is tucked behind the city of Santander, thus significantly reducing the size of the waves. From East to West, on the same beach, any surfer of any skill level can find an adequate size wave for their personal surfing needs.


How did it all start?

The coming together of two families; the Olavarris and the Berazas. Two pioneers in the lineage of Cantabrian surfing. Ever since the start of surfing in Spain, the two have been involved in the tradition both at home and abroad. We were born into this beautiful world of surfing and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate. That’s why we have decided to join together and form the Surf School, Escuela de Surf Sunset, so that we can pass on this beautiful tradition to you just as it was passed on to us. .